November 4, 2015

Our Commitment to Excellence

charliewenzlau Fairbank

Fairbank Construction and Architects Wenzlau and Associates are a first class team. Tad Fairbank, who started Fairbank Construction over 20 years ago, has specialized in building only the very finest in custom homes on Bainbridge and in Seattle.

Tad’s commitment to quality homebuilding is second to none. Owning a “Fairbank” house is a mark of excellence. Your home at Madrone Village will have that same mark of excellence that will set it apart from all others.

Madrone Village doesn’t just talk about blending old charm with downtown living, it brings it to reality. The vision for Madrone Village has always been about capturing and celebrating the history of Winslow with it’s 19th century roots. The character will be urban, but with old fashioned manners, due to its casual New England styled architecture blended with northwest materials. Although the Village sits at the edge of the downtown shopping district, it is tucked into an existing neighborhood offering a quieter setting. The variety of residences and small shops will create a sense of vitality and establish Madrone Village as a unique place within the local community.

Charlie Wenzlau
Wenzlau Architects

900 Winslow Way E. Suite 150
Bainbridge Island, WA